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OFFER FOR THE WINTER SEASON 2016/17: " DOLOMITI SUPER SUN " from 18/03 to the end of season you can stay at the hotel 7 days and pay only 6 days. TAKE ADVANTAGE NOW FOR YOUR WINTER HOLIDAY!!!


The spectacular view of the lake has always been a cause for admiration and wonder (in fact, today, the lake is one of South Tyrol’s classical tourist destinations).

Its characteristics originate from the legend of the beautiful Ondina, a nymph who lived in its waters. The sorcerer of mount Latemar fell in love with the nymph and tried to capture her on more than one occasion. One day, on the advice of a witch, he conjured up a beautiful rainbow to attract the nymph. When Ondina emerged from the waters, she saw the sorcerer and fled, terrified. In his fury, the sorcerer seized the rainbow and breaking it into a thousand pieces, hurled it into the lake.

From that day on, the waters of lake Carezza have reflected all of the colours of the rainbow.



HOTEL SAVOY, in collaboration with the Ski School from Vigo di Fassa, wait you and your children for an unforgettable holiday!


From 18/03/2017 to end of winter season you can take advantage of the promotion Dolomiti Super Sun. - you can stay in the hotel 7 days and pay only 6 days; - 6 days skipass and you pay 5 days; - ski school make 20% discount on group courses

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