Do you know how many things you can do in the snow?


The snow-capped peaks, the sparkling lights, the cheery fire in the fireplace, and lots of fun on the slopes: holidays in the snow with children are this and much, much more.

Here at the Hotel Savoy we have thought up many activities to do together; you can enjoy some wonderful times and store up some very special memories.


Dream days for a super vacation on the snow!

The mountains put on an extraordinary show in winter, and you can enjoy all this beauty on a snowshoe hike or an exciting descent on skis. We are just a stone’s throw from the ski runs: think how excited your child will be when he learns to ski and joins you on the slopes. And then, he can come with you on delightful walks to explore this unspoiled natural setting, or have fun in the snow playground opposite our Hotel.

What makes this extra special? The time you spend with your family!



For mom and dad

A snowshoe hike is what it takes on a nice day of celebration: from 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm we’ll go to the discovery of King Laurin’s garden. We will walk on snow with snowshoes to discover the most hidden places of the Latemar. A short afternoon walk until sunset through enchanted woods and snow-covered meadows to discover the legend of King Laurin and why the Dolomites are tinged with red at sunset.

The cost of snowshoe rental is € 10.

And for those who have just arrived? We are at 19:00 for a welcome drink with a buffet of appetizers to welcome our guests and introduce you to our large family, our staff.

From 9.00 pm to 11.00 pm we finish the day with an after dinner cheered by the good music of the Cajones, a group of passionate boys.



For the whole family
On this day we replace the skis with horseshoes for a wonderful walk on the snow. From 15:00 to 17:00, you have the chance to try this incredible experience. If you are already familiar, you can walk among the Latemar meadows, but if you are a beginner you can practice in the insulated riding ground. Even children aged 4 and over, accompanied by their parents, can try to get in the saddle.


  • One hour for € 27 in a group
  • One hour for € 39 per individual lesson
  • Half an hour for € 20 for children

For the guys
No after dinner commitments: from 8.30 pm we venture into the woods for a suggestive torchlight procession. Upon returning to the hotel, so many games to challenge each other and have fun together.



For adults
We leave the hotel at 9:30 for a small ski tour: before lunch we stop for a good aperitif at the shelter to make friends and have fun together. Along the King Laurin ski tour we will go to the mountains called “coronelle” or the king’s crown which with its rose garden turns the Dolomites pink at sunset and dawn. The tour is free and is also suitable for the less experienced, the return is scheduled for 13:30.

In the evening, the ” Dinner of the Beer ” awaits you, where you can taste some very special and craft beers. To accompany them, dishes designed for the occasion so as to discover and enhance the peculiarities of this product. We will start at the Bar with mini burgers and then move to the tables of the Restaurant. Beer tasting costs € 10.

For children
All our little guests are invited to the dinner for only VIBs: the Very Important Kids. They will be able to eat together in the company of our animators Sara and Laura. The little ones can dress up as gnomes, princesses and warriors to make the evening even more special. Only requirement to participate? Be a child!



For parents
We propose a longer snowshoeing, from 10:00 to 15:00, through the forest destroyed by the Vaia storm of 2018. The only noises you will hear will be the creaking of the snow under your feet, the wind and … our voice.  We will tell you many things about the forest to savor its true nature and beauty. And before returning home, we stop for a good lunch at the refuge (the cost of snowshoe rental is € 10).

From 17:30 to 22:00 we thought of an activity that will make you feel two lovebirds: a getaway in a cabin with a romantic a la carte dinner. To make the evening even more special, a night tobogganing to return to the Hotel (the cost of renting a snowmobile is € 15).

For older children
From 15:00 to 16:30, we spend a few hours on the toboggan run: it is right in front of the Hotel, so when it starts to get dark we can go back in and have a tasty snack!



For mom and dad
Let’s discover new frontiers, with a longer ski tour for a little more experienced skiers. The location is decided together the day before to try to please everyone: what are the certainties of this tour? Fun, laughter and lunch at the refuge!

Once back at the hotel, from 7:30 pm King Laurino’s dinner is waiting for you: our chefs will tell you stories and adventures using food. What is special about the evening? The dishes will be arranged in different stations, for a “traveling” dinner to savor unique flavors.

In post-dinner, from 21:00 to 22:00, you can watch a breathtaking night-time event: the Fiaccolata Carezza. Take a seat on the Hotel terrace to see the ski instructors descend with torches, including choreography and acrobatic jumps. And while you enjoy the show, sip a good hot mulled wine.

For children
Second VIB dinner of the week, always in the company of our funny animators. From 20:30 to 22:30 ping pong, billiards and table football tournaments in our junior club.



For adults

An evening where the protagonist is… the sweet! We want to amaze you with special desserts served at the bar, so you can accompany them with the super cocktails prepared by our Desirè.


Great events for adults...

Sunday, Tuesday and Friday

We know, in the morning it often starts in a hurry! You have to organize the day, but between the alarm clock and some whim, there is a bit of agitation. This is why we thought about the awakening of the mountain: give yourself a session of stretching the meridians or pilates to relax, release tension and gather energy. Roberto, our personal trainer is waiting for you from 9:30 to 10:30.

Monday and Thursday

What about a different awakening than usual? Roberto is waiting for you at the poolside from 9:30 am to 10:30 am for the awakening of the little fish in the mountains: it’s great to jump into the pool to do some little warm-up physical activity with a view of the snow-covered Dolomites!


....and new adventures for the youngest

Every day (except Saturday)

We bring the children to the ski school: you will not have to worry about putting on your skis and boots, we will take care of everything! So you can enjoy a little relaxation and start your day calmly. If you want and your child agrees, he can have lunch with our entertainers at a cost of € 15 and then continue to have fun with the friends on our park!

And if the weather is bad? Don’t worry, our games room is open every day from 16:00 to 22:00 with entertainment and creative workshops!

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