What's your ideal version of a skiing holiday?

We imagine it’s something like this: relaxation, sport and good food, shared with the person you love. At the Hotel Savoy, parents have the time and space to enjoy themselves as a couple.

While the children are having new adventures, their parents can enjoy some well-deserved leisure time together.

For those who love skiing, the Costalunga Pass is an ideal place for fun together on the slopes.

A place where you can rediscover the pleasure of devoting time to yourself, in the magical Dolomites frame!

Do you remenber your first date? Feel the same sensations during our romantic dinners!

If you are in holiday, the best thing for you is to be more cuddled: we have a great programm for you!

Unique moments for Mum and Dad

Ski lessons, ski tours, snowshoe hikes: choose the activities that are right for you and enjoy an exciting time together in the magical setting of the Dolomites. In front of our Hotel there are also some practice runs where you can try sledding; we’re sure you’ll have some good laughs and it will bring out your inner child.

If you feel like some pampering, the La Roda Wellness Centre in our Hotel offers a range of revitalising treatments. And finally, there’s our restaurant, with a choice of delicious dishes to enjoy by candlelight.

At the end of your stay, you’ll be wondering whether you’ve been on a skiing holiday or a honeymoon!

Val di Fassa ski course: fun for all ages

The Hotel Savoy is a stone’s throw from the Val di Fassa ski school and surrounded by slopes that are perfect for those who put on their skis for the first time: wide, sunny and safe, with beginner-proof ski lifts.

You have no more excuses, this year you will become an ace on skis!

Private lessons or group courses?

Now that you’ve decided to go skiing, you have two options: solo or group lessons. Our advice? Go with the group!

It is more fun to learn together with other beginners like you, you can give each other a hand and the laughter is assured. And we know that many beautiful friendships have been born between one lesson and another!

With the private course you may have the impression of acquiring more technique, because the teacher only follows you, but the charge that the group gives you is priceless!

The other participants give you the impetus to continue and not to be discouraged if the first few times you will be a little wobbly and you will do a few tumbles. You are all on the same level, once one falls, once after another but after that you will finally be able to make a small descent and at the end of the course you will all face the blue tracks together.


Ski courses

The Val di Fassa ski school organizes 2 courses for adults, one for beginners and one for those who are already familiar with skiing:

Ski courses for beginners

Monday – Friday: from 11:00 to 12:50, cost per person for 10 hours € 155

Ski courses for non-beginners

Monday – Friday: 10:00 to 12:45. Thursday: 10:00 to 15:45
Cost per person for 18 hours in high season € 200 in low season € 190
The teachers are waiting for you every morning from 10:00 to 13:00.

Skipass prices

Dolomiti Superski – 6 days: high season € 313, low season: €282
Val di Fassa – 6 days: high season € 273, low season € 246


Dolomites ski tour for a wonderful ski walk

Among breathtaking views and wonderful slopes, we will let you experience an exciting adventure on the snow that will give you unique moments.

Every week we offer two Dolomites ski tours to satisfy all levels of ski preparation: to accompany you Michele or Lorenzo who will show you all the beauty of the mountain in winter.

Ski tour of King Laurin with Michele

Do you know the story of King Laurin? Legend has it that the king lived and cultivated a splendid rose garden at the foot of the Catinaccio. When he fell in love with the beautiful princess Similda and discovered he was not reciprocated, he kidnapped her.

His brother and Theodoric, king of the Goths, rushed to rescue her. Infuriated and desperate King Laurino for losing his love cursed his beloved rose garden:That roses are no longer seen either by day or by night “.

But in the grip of fury, he forgot to mention twilight and so, from that day, when the sun goes to rest behind the peaks, the Dolomites are tinged with red, just the color of the king’s roses.


The ski tour touches all the places of legend: it starts from the Carezza Pass, where the king and the princess met for the first time, to reach the Malga Moseralm chairlift and make a good aperitif. From here we climb with the ski lifts up to the Catinaccio, to admire the rocks that served as a fence to the rose garden where Similda was imprisoned. Going down towards Nova Levante, we retrace the journey made by Dietlieb, the princess’s brother, to free her.

For this small tour in the company we leave the Hotel at 9.30am and return at 1.30pm. It is also suitable for the less experienced.

Sellaronda ski tour with Lorenzo

This ski tour is considered to be among the most beautiful and spectacular in the world and the reason is easy to say: is a fantastic ski tour that winds along the 4 Dolomite passes around the Sella massif, Passo Gardena, Passo Sella, Passo Pordoi and Passo Campolongo.

Crossing the Ladin valleys we will see enchanting landscapes, imposing rock formations, expanses of mountain pastures and a spectacular snowy landscape. At lunch we stop at the refuge for a warm and refreshing meal.

A total of 40 kilometers await us, 27 of which are pure fun on skis: this ski tour is dedicated to the more experienced skiers. It is important to start early in the morning so that you can return to the starting point before the lifts close.


Our snowshoeing in the company

Snow walks in Val di Fassa can also be done on snowshoes, the particular snowshoes that allow you to walk on fresh snow without fatigue. The snowshoe hikes allow you to savor the silence of a snowy forest, with the spectacle of nature wrapped in a white and icy blanket. It’s the perfect activity if you want to take a moment of tranquility away from the crowded plants. We at the Savoy Hotel offer two tours for snowshoeing:

  • The discovery of the garden of King Laurin, a short afternoon walk (from 15:00 to 17:30) to discover the legend of King Laurin
  • Snowshoeing in the woods with lunch at the refuge, a little longer walk (from 10:00 to 15:00) to learn many things about the
  • forest and the nature that surrounds us.

For both itineraries the cost of snowshoe rental is € 10.


E-bike Val di Fassa: the fun of riding on the snow!

If you love cycling and don’t want to give up a nice ride in winter, the fat bike is the one for you. It is a special electric mountain bike born just to move on the snow: initially it was used in Alaska, today it is also widespread in the alpine resorts. A fun, practical and above all ecological object for moving on fresh snow.

Have you ever tried it? We can tell you that it is one more chance to enjoy the mountain and its landscapes.

Assisted pedaling gives you a little help to work less: the greatest difficulty is where the snow is fresh, because it is more difficult to maintain balance without slipping. But no danger! Every fall is softened by the soft white coat, you will have a great laugh and you will be able to climb back into the saddle without problems.


Our tour

We leave at 10:00 and decide the destination of our excursion: Val di San Nicolò or al Gardeccia?

The first stretches from Pozza di Fassa towards the Marmolada group, offering fairy-tale landscapes to say the least.

The second is a basin at the foot of the Catinaccio from which some of the most famous itineraries of the Dolomites begin.

The guide will take you to the discovery of enchanted views made even more magical by the whiteness that surrounds everything. The tour lasts until 15:00: we have plenty of time to have fun!

Ready, leave, go: we are waiting for a ride with you!

The excursion costs € 55 including the rental of the fat e-bike.

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